Realview TV News

Realview TV News

StudentBridge Launches

2013 // July

Realview Launches at Noel Levitz National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing and Rentention in New Orleans.

Virtual Campus Tours Drive More On-Campus Visits

2012 // September

When it comes to telling the unique story of college campuses worldwide, Realview TV delivers. 

Realview TV Heads to Chicago For The Noel-Levitz Conference

2012 // July

Realview TV is excited to announce its new Augmented Reality solutions that look to engage and inform your potential students, whether they are at home or on campus.

Industry News

The Candidates' Vote for 2012: Online Video

2012 // February

An interesting National Public Radio Report....

The online dilemma: saying and not doing

2011 // October

It's an industry truism: Failing to budget for an online recruitment strategy has consequences...

More Adults Watching Online Video

2011 // August

A report by Pew Internet and American Life Project has found that 71 percent of adults regularly use internet video sites.