How can I get more information about Realview TV?
Call 678.242.1400 today or submit a request through the contact portion of our website.  You will speak to a Regional Sales Manager who will want to discuss the goals and objectives for your web marketing efforts.

What is streaming video?
Simply put, streaming media is a way to deliver video content over the internet in minutes that could normally take hours. Streaming Media avoids having your web visitor download a large file and ensures a high quality viewing experience.

How long does it take to fully produce a Realview TV?
Depending on a number of variables (scheduling, weather, number of locations, languages …) the delivery of a finished product typically takes 4-8 weeks.

Will dial-up users be able to access our Realview TV?
Your Realview TV project is designed with auto bandwidth speed detect so that when the player loads in the browser one of its first functions is to perform speed test between the browser and the server. Based upon the results of the test, your player will stream a file size that is optimized for the viewer’s bandwidth.  We use this to help ensure the best possible Realview TV experience for both dial-up/narrowband and broadband viewers.

How much time will be required of my IT Team?
About five minutes.  The resulting Realview TV merely sits as a link on your website.  This means no heavy lifting by your IT team and zero risk to your web servers.

Do all Realview TV projects look alike?
Each Realview TV is customized and based on your objectives– so no two videos are the same.  Accordingly, we hold each Realview TV to the highest of industry standards and have stringent quality control processes to ensure excellence. 

Can a Realview TV be produced from existing video?
Yes, depending on the format of your existing content.  Realview TV is produced for streaming on the Internet requiring special production methods (filming, editing and dubbing) not used in traditional media.  We want your Realview TV project and the viewer’s experience to be of the utmost quality therefore, any existing content will need to be carefully reviewed to ensure quality standards are met.

Is it possible to have a Realview TV in a DVD or CD-Rom format?
The high quality production methodologies of Realview TV allow for many optional uses of your project.  Make sure to discuss this with your Regional Sales Manager during the pre-production process.